We believe in using Responsible Innovation as a force for good.

Who are we?

Our name

Orbisfy comes from "Orbis", a latin word for circle and "-fy", a verbal suffix meaning “to make” (e.g. simpli-fy). We aim to innovate in a circular economy.

Our vision

We envision a world where technology innovation serves People, Planet and Prosperity! A world with sustainable production and consumption that minimizes the extraction of non-renewable virgin materials.

Our mission

We enable our customers to enter a new era of responsible innovation with the delivery of new products/services that respect nature, protect people and drive an inclusive economy.

Our credo

We believe in using business as a force for good, recognize that companies are interdependent and feel responsible for future generations.

Our value proposition

We deliver the engineering and sustainability expertise that is required for our customers to successfully invent, design, industrialize and launch high-value and low-footprint products from the beginning at the System Level.

Our differentiation

We bring a 360° sustainable business transformation with a unique blend of Industry, Sustainability and Engineering experience and expertise altogether under one roof.

Our Story

Orbisfy was born from the observation that a transition towards more sustainable production and consumption patterns is both absolutely necessary for our society and not straightforward at all to execute for established businesses. For most companies, it represents a complex transformation affecting the business model, the product design, its value proposition and the supply chain. It feels like changing the engine while flying a plane.

The founder has 20+ years of experience in technology and new product development, working for large multinational industrial companies in several different sectors. Like many have done before him, he has blindly followed a linear take-make-waste model for many years before realizing how detrimental this paradigm will be for future generations. Even after his wake-up moment, he has been exposed to many of the cultural, financial or capability obstacles that can make the sustainability transition of a company very challenging.

Orbisfy does not exist to preach the benefits of sustainable development or to recommend theoretically good practices. Orbisfy is action oriented and down-to-earth. We are here to make it happen, most likely taking incremental steps.

Our Core Values


We are driven by a common purpose! We believe in using business as a force for good and trust it is possible to do well, while doing good. We balance impacts on the Planet and its People with our own economic Prosperity.


There is no silver bullet to fixing wicked problems. We challenge the status quo, explore new territories and use our creative minds to co-create with our customers and drive positive change for the common good.


We do what we say, and we say what we do! We are rigorous, honest and consistent in our actions. We behave ethically, always aim to comply with regulations where we operate and simply do the right things.


We have nothing to hide and believe that making information available is the best way to create mutual trust with our stakeholders and nurture a continuous improvement culture.


We believe in partnerships and recognize that we are all dependent upon another and thus responsible for each other and future generations.


Working hard and supporting an important cause does not have to be boring or painful! We don’t take ourselves too seriously and enjoy life!

They trusted us...

Here is a sample of the customers we have been privileged to support. As you can see, we work in the public and the private sector, with small startups and large multinational companies from diverse sectors.

We trust them...

Here is a sample of our suppliers. As you can see, we choose to work with companies that are committed to deliver a more sustainable world.  

This website, our email accounts and other business applications are hosted at Infomaniak, a trustworthy IT supplier in Switzerland that is B Corp certified.

Our finance and tax related activities are managed by Comptabilis, a trustworthy fiduciary company established in Geneva and engaged in the social and solidarity economy.

We purchase our business cards and other promotional materials from Dream Act, a B Corp certified company.

logo impact hub

Our company is hosted at the Impact Hub Geneva, a co-working space and innovation lab that brings engaged people together to enable the transition into a more inclusive and respectful future.