Discover the power of "serious games" to make your teams aware of sustainability issues.

The benefits of our "Collage-like" workshops...



Players will learn while having a
good time.

4 hands / 4 mains


Appeals to collective intelligence and ideal for team-building.

visual / visuel


Manipulating visuals makes it easier to remember the key messages.

idea / idée


Each collage is unique in terms of its title, shape and design.



All you need is a set of cards, markers, paper, table and you’re good to go.

scientific material / matériel scientifique


All data are taken from reports validated by scientific or renown communities.

Fresque du climat

The Climate Fresk

In 3 hours, this collaborative workshop provides an understanding of the essential issues of climate change through its causes and consequences, in order to better take actions.

A workshop invented by Cédric Ringenbach.

The Biodiversity Collage

Discover through a fun and collaborative workshop the systemic aspects of the erosion of biodiversity: what it is, what it allows and what degrades it.

A workshop invented by Géraldine Vuillier, Geoffrey Vuillier, Charles Sirot and Deloitte.

Fresque de la biodiversité

The Water puzzle workshop

A workshop to build a global vision of the water cycle, by exploring in particular the natural water cycle, the anthropogenic water cycle (influenced by humans) as well as the impacts of human activities and those of climate change.

A workshop invented by Laurie Caillouet and Sébastien Legrand.

The Circular Economy Collage

A workshop to explore the limits of the linear production-consumption system and understand the need for a more virtuous circular model, using fewer natural resources and producing less waste.

A workshop invented by Elsa Bortuzzo and Anne-France Mariacher.

Fresque de l'économie circulaire
Fresque du numérique

The Digital Collage

A workshop to understand as a team and in a fun way the environmental and social issues associated with our use of digital services.

A workshop invented by Aurélien Déragne and Yvain Mouneu.

Our other workshops...

We can also organize for you other types of workshops allowing to advance the reflections around sustainable development in your organization.

One goal for the climate:
2tCO2e per year and per person in 2050!
An immersive team workshop to explore the future and act together for the climate!

What would a world staying below 1.5ºC look like, and how could we do it? Come and take this challenge by adapting the Allegory of the “Effects of Good Government”, a fresco painted by Lorenzetti in Siena in 1338.

A group work approach that makes it possible to tackle the questions of the ecological and social crisis by combining the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions with our rational understanding of the world.